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Peru: From Lima to the Sacred Valley

From 11,500 Vacation Club Points per couple*

8 Days • 12-13 Meals

Call to Book: 888.682.4862
  • Great cultural experience!

    • Service
      They included everything I wanted to do in Peru as well as most of the meals.
    • Tour
      Our lunch in the village with the people who lived there and seeing and touring Machu Picchu.
  • Vacation Mode

    • Service
      I was most excited for Machu Picchu but was pleasantly surprised with all the inclusions and sightseeing we did. The days were planned out perfectly with our longest bus ride 2 hours on one day. The first day we started, our tour guide called us family and said how we are now all on “vacation mode”- it truly felt that way the rest of the trip. It has been a few years since I did a guided tour and it was amazing to not have to plan anything or worry about anything. Everything was taken care of from the moment we walked into the arrival’s hall until the last day when the guide was walking us to security to fly home.
    • Tour
      Machu Picchu exceeded all my expectations. It was like a dream when you come up the steps and see the whole landscape that you have always seen in pictures. We were also pleasantly surprised by the trip to a local community where we were able to interact with the locals, eat a home cooked meal, listen and dance to their music. It was 12,000 feet in the mountains with the most unbelievable views. It was an amazing cultural experience that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had been traveling on my own.
    • Service
      Our tour manager was outstanding. He was very organized and gave us information each day so we would know what to expect.
    • Tour
      My best experience was the optional tour to go to Machu Picchu at sunrise "on our own". This experience was really nice. Machu Picchu was must less crowded that the day before when we went with the guide. We found Machu Picchu serene & peaceful.

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