Exclusive Owner Benefits

Eligible Owners now receive credit toward cash purchases when they book a tour through Collette using Club Points. The amount of credit you receive is based on your ownership level.

  • Executive Level Owners receive up to $100 in credit.

  • Presidential Level Owners receive up to $150 in credit.

  • Chairman’s Club Level Owners receive up to $200 in credit.

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Owner Exclusive Tours: Discovery Series

Enjoy these extraordinary travel experiences alongside other Owners. Join Collette's expert Tour Managers, who have a passion for travel and discovery as they guide you through some unforgettable destinations.

Starting at 7,000 Club Points per couple

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Owner Exclusive Tours: Treasures Series

Venture to iconic must-see destinations. Be deeply immersed in new cultures. Dine on delicious local cuisine. Enjoy unique accommodations. Experience all this and more on these Owner Exclusive small group tours.

Starting at 11,000 Club Points per couple

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Travel Videos that Inspire

Watch videos that will show you incredible destinations, travel insights, and more, from all across the globe. Who knows, inspiration for your next adventure might be waiting here.

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Marriott Vacation Club Owners can select their next guided tour vacation from an extensive list of destinations provided by Collette. Learn More

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