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The Northern Lights of Finland

From 15,000 Vacation Club Points per couple*

8 Days • 11 Meals

Call to Book: 888.682.4862
    • Service
      They took excellent care of us from arrival at our destination until we reached home at the end of our trip. Very well organized, with a super tour manager and a very exciting schedule of events.
    • Tour
      They took excellent care of us from the moment we arrived in Finland until the trip was over and we were back home.
  • Awesome experience

    • Service
      The activities were top notch , the resort facility was just about perfect ! and our guide was fabulous. I would go on any tour where Beth was the guide ! The one star was lost solely due to absolutely crappy air arrangements.
    • Tour
      We wires blessed ! I had almost given up hope of seeing the lights because weather conditions were so unfavorable but at dinnertime our last night conditions changed and the entire resort went into ' they're coming ' ~~~~~~~ ' they're here ' mode !!! It was AWESOME !!! The one thing that needs to change ASAP is finding a good place away from the resort to see the lights in the dark. We were taken to a spot that was great for about 10 minutes . Then a logging truck with an enormous very bright light field came through, then a tour bus, then a private van, then another tour bus . Neither human eyes nor camera equipment could adjust successfully that many times.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Northern Lights of Finland tour. We're happy to hear you enjoyed the tour! Your feedback on the air arrangements and the location to see the Northern Lights will be reviewed by our internal department managers so that the overall touring experience for our guests can be improved.

    Collette Support
  • Don’t EVER use their airfare team!

    • Service
      I thought what we did once on tour was good. The bus ride to a dark place to see the Northern Lights was a joke. We missed some of the best Lights because our “dark, isolated” location was a side road. Two logging tricks, another bus, and 2 carloads of people showed up. We would have been better off staying at the lodge. Other than that I had no problem with the tour and really enjoyed the things we did. The group in charge of airfare is a joke. We were left sitting at Heathrow Airport for 9 hours. We watched 3 planes going to our location leave...while we sat...for 9 hours! We were late enough arriving to Helsinki that we completely missed the welcome reception and dinner. If you’re in charge of our air, it is inexcusable for us to miss events. We had another ridiculously long layover on our way home. We are supposed to take another trip with Collette in April and May but will probably cancel. The air team, once again, has us on the very worst flights you could possibly get. My mother in law is a travel agent and couldn’t believe how horrible our flights were. Go on the tours but DEFINITELY do not use their air option.
    • Tour
      I loved Helsinki and Lapland! My favorite thing in Helsinki was the Christmas markets. I enjoyed being a short walk from them, and having enough free time to explore and enjoy them. My favorite things in Lapland, beyond seeing the Northern Lights, were the reindeer sleigh ride, and the snow tank. The snow tank was offered by the hotel and not the tour though.

    We're sorry you have not been contacted yet regarding your air schedule on your upcoming trip. We show that you spoke with our Guest Relations Team on 12/31 and that our Air Reservations and Client Care Center Team's are currently reviewing your request for a revised return air schedule. A member of our staff will be reaching out with an update shortly.

    Collette Support

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